Our Ethics

Desert Fox is a Vintage and handmade label run by owner Lucie and her partner Liam in the South of France. As clothing sent to landfill and fast fashion is one of the highest contributors to global warming and damaging our earth we are trying to make a difference in how we produce and retail clothing.

Vintage for us is a really sustainable way of buying and selling clothing. We love nothing better than finding an amazing piece of Vintage or retro clothing and finding it a new home. Pre-loved clothing is a way to recycle and re use clothing in a climate where fast fashion is overpowering us all. All our Vintage is hand picked by us from flea markets, charity stores and local sellers which lowers our carbon footprint and gives back to our local community.

With a background in Fashion, Lucie has taken her creative skills to create the Desert Fox Collection which is all handmade by her on sewing machines in her studio in the South of France. Recycling and re-purposing Vintage fabric found on her travels, the Desert Fox Collection is bringing wearable and desirable pieces that are created to last and be sustainable in the long term.

As most of the fabrics we find are Vintage or dead stock, many items from our Desert Fox Collection are one of a kind which means that, unlike fast fashion, each piece is special and has been made with love.

We do from time to time create pieces with shop bought fabrics, supporting local fabric suppliers and businesses. This creates a way to add inclusivity for all with a range of sizing. With this we have to sacrifice the ethics of the production of these fabrics at the moment but are looking for sustainable and ethical fabric suppliers for the future of our collections.
Every step at Desert Fox is trying to lower our footprint and be as kind to the earth as possible. Our leaflets that get sent in every parcel are created from recycled paper and our mailing bags are made from recycled and biodegradable materials. We also create our own Desert Fox Collection fabric tags from scraps we have left over from our Vintage fabrics.
We believe in being the change and try in every way we can to make a difference, however small so thank you for shopping with us!
Lucie & Liam