DESERT FOX Zero Waste Vintage Fabric Off-Cuts - 500g

£10.00 GBP

The most beautiful collection of fabric scraps we ever did see! We have been collecting and saving our fabric off cuts and scraps for years as we hate to see them go to waste. They are all from our collection of Vintage and pre-loved fabric that we use to make our dungarees and handmade label. 

If you are a crafter or a textile artist, or just love pretty fabrics then these are for you!

Nearly all are 100% cottons and range in size from small pieces (2cm by 2cm) to larger sizes 15cm+. A lot are smaller pieces that we cannot use in our own clothing or accessories.

500G BAG

Off cuts you receive will vary from those in the photo as we have a lot of different fabrics and boxes and boxes of off cuts! For example we have lots of 70's floral, paisley, stripes, geometric styles, bohemian prints and much much more!